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EYPR is both your creative marketing agency & strategic consultant.

Our Story

What We Do

Our company was born as the result of a happy accident. After many years in Sales & Marketing, Owner Heather Logrippo decided to purchase and revamp Distinctive Homes Magazine. Shortly after relaunching the brand, the housing market crashed and she had to work tirelessly to save her investment. She employed creative, innovative solutions like Facebook campaigns (which were, at the time, not a common marketing tool), SEO strategy, and guerilla marketing tactics, and they worked!

Heather began to get noticed for her marketing success, and people started asking for help with their own businesses. As more and more individuals and companies got wind of Heather's creative strategies, a new business grew -- Expose Yourself PR. The company started with its first official client in 2009, and now proudly represents a variety of brands and individuals, from real estate agencies, to dentists, to restaurants, to lifestyle brands.

We work with the brands and the people that we care about in order to help them surpass their goals. We don't just execute a static marketing strategy, we create a dynamic campaign and work with you to continuously develop, refine, and implement it. We aren't just our clients' marketing agency; we're their business development team, their event planners, their strategic consultants, and their creative. We are here to examine your goals, determine what "means" will bring us to your desired "end," and help you achieve above and beyond.

Meet The Core Team

Owner & President

My must-have desert island items:

cats to herd, 20 agave plants (for tequila, obviously), my husband, and a guarantee that none of my children will call asking for something! When do we leave?

Heather Logrippo

Kevin Roberts

Vice President &

Social Media Director

My must-have desert island items:

Heather, pizza, Guinness and a solid shower situation (have to deal with all that sand!).

Julie Lewis

Account Director

My must-have desert island items: 

a fire starter and water filter.

Samantha Januszeski

Media Relations Director

My must-have desert island items: 

my puppy, my fiance, a bunch of dark chocolate treats, and a few cases of Sancerre!

Natasha Peltak

Account Manager & Design Coordinator

My must-have desert island items: 

coffee, my adorable little nephew, and Chianti Classico!

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