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We only work with clients that we are passionate about, and our energy comes through in our work.

See below for a selection of media placements, branding projects, and graphic design work of which we are truly proud.

Zia Gianna Storefront Mockup

Design mockup for the storefront of Zia Gianna, a Sicilian restaurant & coffee shop in Dorchester, MA.

Wellesley Pharma. Website

Website redesign for Wellesley Pharmaceuticals.

Boston Headhunters Logo

New logo & brand identity for a headhunter's relaunch.

Cafe Escadrille in GQ

Cafe Escadrille, a restaurant in Burlington, MA, was featured in GQ as a result of our media relations work.

MEP in MetroWest Daily News

Secured a column in the MetroWest Daily News on behalf of Amy Tierce, Vice President of Mortgage Equity Partners.

Mom Bomb in Parade Magazine

Mom Bomb, a luxury bath bomb brand, was featured in Parade Magazine's gift guide as a result of our media work.

Canner Law Infographic

Infographic created for the Career page on Canner Law Associates' website.

Mom Bomb Packaging

Packaging designed in-house for Mom Bomb, a luxury bath bomb brand.

Power Rowing Branding

Logo and materials produced in-house for Power Rowing.

Heather Logrippo Quoted in NYTimes

Owner Heather Logrippo was quoted in the NYTimes for social media efforts.

Shrewsbury Club in Women's Health

Shrewsbury Health & Racquet Club was quoted in Women's Health as a result of our media outreach.

Poli Mortgage on Fox News

Poli Mortgage Group was interviewed on Fox25 News following a broadcast media campaign.

MEP in Mortgage Women's Magazine

Following a pitch campaign, we secured a feature piece for Mortgage Equity Partners in Mortgage Women's Magazine.

Bayside Realty Article + Designed Ad

Developed content and designed ad for Bayside Realty's ad in Distinctive Homes Magazine.

Modern Dentistry Postcard

Postcard designed for Modern Dentistry. Printing coordinated in-house, and cards sent to all new homeowners in Shrewsbury.

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