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Getting Naked on the Job

Realizing that sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Part of what I love most about our company is the name. They say (I always wonder- who is they?) that the name of your business should be clear in the services you provide. As a publicist, it is my job to provide my clients with maximum exposure to their target audience, the media, and well…everyone. So when I get an editor on the phone who says “Well, I can understand why your email went to my spam given your business' racy name” I envision myself saying “Oh yes, I quite literally expose myself to my clients.” But the funny thing is, I actually did…

One of our clients is Blush Organic Sunless Tanning, whose luxury and health-driven services set them far ahead of their competitors. While I am employed because of my ability to pitch my client’s services as the top in their market (which I just did in the previous sentence) - I admit I was hesitant to embark on the sunless tanning journey. Not because I feared the results or questioned my clients product, but because I knew that it meant getting underneath it all. Literally.

Of course at Blush you are encouraged to get down to your comfort level- which for some are pants and a tank top and others, completely au naturale. I’m comfortable in my own skin to put it plainly, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t an imperfection or two, which is what got me into this situation in the first place.

Because part of my clients’ formula helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite, I’ve been bugging her for months to get me a ‘Before and After’ image to pitch to the press. But of course our conversations would end the same way- “Who would volunteer their backside to be planted all over the internet?” Well, you’re speaking with her…

Partially because I could no longer praise my client’s service without baring it all and because this image was a necessity, I knew I had to take one for the team. What started out as a very casual and otherwise mundane meeting- ended with my client staring right at my naked body as we had a casual discussion of some recent media coverage, the weather, and how much better by butt looked post-tan.

I wouldn’t say that most PR firms consider this a regular day on the job, but in some way they do. So what is the moral of the story here OTHER than the fact that you could google my behind? You do what you have to do. When your client puts 100% trust in you when it comes to properly promoting their business, we’ve all reached a road block, but you figure it out.

Whether it be sending that difficult editor a bouquet of flowers or dropping your pants for a picture- you figure it out and you get it done.

So yes, I quite literally exposed myself but the important thing is I was able to expose my client’s services. So although on occasion I come across someone who is puzzled and curious to what “Expose Yourself PR” is all about- I tell them, it’s all in the name.

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